A popular theme in fashion jewelry, even among city residents, is horses. Horse fashion jewelry is enigmatic and stimulates a sense of strength in addition to of secret. Now one would need to ask: why horses? Why care about an animal rarely seen in the city anyway?

Horses represent freedom, and pride in liberty. Wild horses come with the connotation of spiritual and emotional self-reliance. Have you ever seen or checked out “The Horse Whisperer” or “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”? Possibly the snow-white horse called Shadowfax in the “Lord of the Rings” films has evoked a sense of unbridled liberty in you? And yet, Hollywood has actually not even started to discuss the impor ance of horses in ancient cultures. Far from being simple monsters of problem, horses were also trusted good friends. Native Americans paid terrific regard to the horses they have actually domesticated, for they were helpful in searching and traveling.

Wearing horse fashion jewelry is a celebration of independence, a rallying cry to break totally free from the bonds of society and be graceful, proud and natural.It is a common belief that the wild horse chooses its tamer. Alexander the Great’s horse, the popular Bucephalus, was understood to be the wildest horse in his day: king of horses, unconquered by conquerors. But when the young Alexander meticulously approached him, Bucephalus calmed down and allowed the teenaged king to get on his back. Together the 2 dominated cities, leveled fortresses, and developed an empire– kindred untrammeled spirits faithful to each other up until the end.

A driven, successful, hard-to-get professional female may appreciate a present of horse jewelry– in celebration of her strong, free-spirited nature. A young carefree lad may likewise gain from horse jewelry, as an expression of virility and natural strength.Horse precious jewelry is available in a variety of forms– from pendants to hairclips, brooches to bracelets, anything that captures attention! The flashier the much better, or the more muted the better, for people who gravitate to horses.

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